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I think the most important thing to consider is where the auto tuner will mount. It would work best in the center of the roof and second choice might be centered lengthwise but on one side. Having it at roof level in a far corner is better than down on the bumper, etc. I all cases it should be well grounded with a short wide strap to the metal skin of the RV.

Just consider the Zerofive antenna as a stiff piece of wire. It can mount to a mast attached to the bumper with the wire connection point at roof level or higher and the tuner can be mounted high and grounded to the metal skin, then a short or even not so short wire can attach the hot of the tuner to the Zerofive. Any wire between the tuner and Zerofive becomes part of the antenna, no big deal for a non resonant HF antenna.

I got a fold over mast adapter for trailer hitches off Ebay. I use it ocasionally on my truck but I also had a trailer hitch receiver thingee made that is bolted to the top of my square tube bumper on my trailer. I can then use the fold over mast adapter on the bumper of my trailer with surplus military antenna masts up to about 25ft. You could do something similar to hold just enough mast to get the base of the Zerofive at roof level.

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Thanks for the great effort to help!
Do not have a ladder. But could likely get a longer mast and somehow secure it to the frame or tongue. Could then mount the antenna so that the base would be above roof level. The roof would all be off one in one direction from the antenna but it might still work as a ground plane. ????
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