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Originally Posted by scanman1958 View Post
Note....This is my second attempt to send a reply. I spent a good portion of 40mins or so last night writing a reply that for some reason did not get posted after I sent it. I will try again but somewhat edited because I do not have the time I did last night.

I want to agree, for the most part, with dmack550 about his concerns for the scanning hobby. The future "may no longer be viable" is pretty accurate. IMHO it is in part because scanners have become so complicated. Yes, they have to be advanced because of todays radio systems but it almost takes a college course to figure these new scanners out. That is, if you can get the programming cable to work. I hear a lot of frustrations with you guys and gals about that. Also IMHO the new memory card function(s) of the Uniden scanners has also been a thorn in peoples sides. What was wrong with the old memory that we used for decades? It worked fine and never got "corrupted" or failed to work when turning the unit on. I am absolutely sure that sales of the 436 and 536 scanners would have been better had they not had the card problems in the beginning and at times still. I have not and will not buy either scanner because of the memory cards. Again, my opinion and should not be taken as gospel.

As far as putting money into the scanner part of the company I can not speak for Uniden but my guess is they had to come up with a design that would last years. And I guess they did. They just did not sell it well to me. dmack550 also suggested that the "scanner enthusiasts are a vanishing breed". That is true also because scanning has become a complicated hobby. Not that that is bad but it takes the fun (at least some of it) out of listening. Years ago it was simple. Go to Radio Shack, get a crystal, put it in you scanner and bam, you were good. But todays scanners can really turn your hair gray quickly with frustration. It is great that RR is hear to help.

Like I said at the beginning, this is a shorter reply and there is a lot I have left out from last night. I will keep my 396xt by my side (and 996xt) and use them daily like I have for years. I also hope that Uniden comes out with something new, sometime soon? Here is to wishing, right?

Sorry if I stepped on any toes. Just venting and wishing. I do have money to spend, I am not spending it on what Uniden has out right now. (Older units are different. I would buy them up now. And maybe I will, with what's left)

Have a great week.
With regards to your comment about the hobby becoming complicated, I agree. But it is not the hobby that has caused this, it's the communications industry. Yes, many years ago you could go to Radio shack and just get a crystal or two. plug it in and start listening. Of course, there was nothing complicated going on on the other end either. As communications systems change, so must the hobby in order to keep up. It really is just that simple. IMHO

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