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It has been stated - based on user observation - that the Whistlers do not use the control channel on NXDN trunked systems. There are some pros and cons of that which I won't go into here.

Having said that - this does not mean that the Whistlers won't "trunk" (bad wording on the wiki) NXDN systems and you should/must program them as conventional.

For some NXDN trunk systems, programming them in a TRX as a trunk system works just fine - for others, not so much. It will depend on various factors - number of sites, number of frequencies, etc.

For larger systems (more frequencies and/or multiple sites), not using the control channel does appear to affect the performance. But this would then mean that the radio is simply scanning the frequencies in your programming - which, to some degree is the same as it would do if those same frequencies are programmed as conventional objects.

There is a bit more processing that occurs with trunked systems - and maybe a bit more with NXDN - talkgroups, potentially RAN values, and for NXDN 4800 vs. 9600 vs. Auto. However, if you were to apply all of these settings in conventional objects to include talkgroups, you'd have to create a conventional object for talkgroup that you program for every frequency which ultimately would perform even worse. Simple example: 10 talkgroups and 3 site frequencies = 30 conventional objects; if 3 sites (or 30 talkgroups) then 90 conventional objects.

As with many things we deal with using scanners, each user's situation is going to be different. There is rarely a "one size fits all" solution for every user in every location on every system.

The best you can do is present/offer the options with some pros and cons and allow the user to decide which works best in their situation. The threads referenced on the wiki were one person's opinion (at the time) and probably not taking into account all of the potential attributes that get applied to trunk systems.
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