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Originally Posted by sbhnutts570 View Post
Hello, I am new to scanning and I have a TRX-1 professionally programmed by Whistler to Summit County Ohio.I live in the City of Green. I can see on their software whats programmed but I don't know who I am listening to. For example my scanner says TGRP DISP 2 which I assume is a dispatch but who is it? Also see things like ALERT 31, TGRP CFP, TGRP S DSP1, TGRP TMP DISP. TGRP COM 1 and a bunch more.I know these are talk groups but from what city in Summit County? Nfld FD I assume is Northfeild Fire Department ??? Is there a list of who these TGRP are? I want to know if it's my fire department in Green or another city.

Thanks, Tammy
Having someone else program your scanner (coupled with poor labels assigned to some talkgroups) results in this kind of confusion.

It sounds like this might be some what you are monitoring:

Summit County (P25)


Summit County Regional 800 Radio

Looking at the above listing, DISP 2 appears to be police dispatch (would have made more sense to be like "APD DISP 2" - or even better "AkrPD DISP 2" - would you agree?) That's a RR database admin issue. Given the two systems above, you need to know which system the talkgroup is coming from as well since there are at least two different DISP 2 talkgroups. Given this naming, you'll need to look at all of the information being displayed and not only the talkgroup name and, after a while, you'll more readily know based on what you are hearing (i.e. DISP for a illegally parked car vs. for a heart attack).

Some of these names are something you'll get used to after a while but as mentioned, can also be confusing - particularly if you monitor more than one system and the names are similar (or in some cases exactly the same).

I'm not sure exactly what your programming looks like but some of it can be solved by improved programming such that the system and or user group names (like "Police" or "Fire") which can be split and/or assigned across multiple scanlists. Those scanlists can then have additional improved display values to help determine what each talkgroup is when it is active. Of course, the more customization you do, the more work it is to keep it current going forward.

Hopefully this helps. Happy to try and help further - just ask.
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