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Originally Posted by SOFA_KING View Post
Did any of you scanner "doomsday" naysayers ever think it might not be a good idea to suggest the idea of "throwing in the towel" on a public forum? Do you really want scanner manufactures to stop making scanners? Why not call the CEO of Uniden and tell them what you said here? Sheesh!

And if you're really stuck in "the stone age" (crystals), try loading a scanner with 100's of those at $20 a crystal...if anyone would still make them for your frequencies of choice. Heck, that used to be a problem back then when you wanted those other frequencies the store wouldn't normally carry.

Technology progresses. Get over it! Either you keep up, or if you can't (or won't), then get out. Open-minded youngsters who embrace new technology without fear will fill the void. I don't think the scanner manufactures would be developing and selling anything if there wasn't "a market". Clearly, there is. And those "end of the world" statements about "encryption" and "First Alert" (FirstNet) are exaggerated. There is PLENTY to listen to, and I can confidently say most of us do. I'm glad we have the offerings Uniden and Whistler still make. Aren't you??? There is plenty of room for improvements, and as long as they are doing that, I will keep buying scanners...or better yet "upgrades". It's only when they stop, that sales will taper off.

As for those "demanding" a whole new you really want to "start over" and buy another "expensive" scanner? Really? Think about that for a minute. You could keep adding new modes like NXDN, Fusion and maybe even D-STAR for a minimal upcharge, you keep the scanner company "in business", or you could dump all you have invested and spend a ton of money on some "new toy" because you are tired with the old "flagship" model and just want something new (instant gratification). Uhhh...I'll take the upgrade approach any day!

Let the companies worry about their own "business models". Suggesting they "quit" because some "armchair quarterback" thinks he/she knows more about the company's business then the company does is comical at best. Posting such nonsense in a public forum might be destructive. Giving a company reasons to stop making products most of us (why would we be here otherwise?) enjoy could be self-fulfilling. Do you really want that?

Very well said Phil. I'm one of those "old" crystal-using scanner old timers that has kept up with the changes. Their are so many sources of information and I can't emphasize enough "patience". I've become frustrated at times, but I step away for a bit then come back at it. Like you,I look forward to upgrades compared to buying all new scanners. Bring it on!
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