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Originally Posted by KC4RAF View Post
I'm with all these people who comment about those "naysayers", "doomsday" scanner forecasters. The hobby ISN'T going away any time soon.
Same as the amateur radio hobby; some said get rid of your equipment, the hobby was going to die.
Some that sprout these old saying are "trolls", or like to hear their-selves talk, and all the other garbage that falls in between.
For simplicity's sake, I'll say scanning started in 1965; well, over fifty years later we are still scanning the frequencies. Make no mistake, it was forecasted that the hobby would die with the advent of a new technology or law that was passed.
Scanning is like any other hobby, it's what you put in to it and out of it.
Taint dying you

Then the Internet came along, and instant messages, and VOIP phones, and video. "Ham radio is dieing" "Why get a ticket, I can do all that more reliably with the internet. Not having to worry about propagation, SWR, etc."

What is kinda funny to me at least, is difference between the groups. IE

The rock guys, I is one, miss the days of looking up a freq for what I wanted to listen to order a crystal and plug it in and away you go. Yes, them were the days weren't they. No real programming needed, sorta plug and play. Not like these newer scanners which require a understanding on what they can do, and how to make them do that. The same as if I put most of use rock guys in front of a Yasue FT-101B with a AL-811 Amp. Would have that thing up and running in no time, while the New guys would be complaining because it wasn't a one button push to get on the air. So in a way, the rock guys, by tuning, are programming, to make it work right.

The computer geek group, again I are one, lol, Look at it and trouble shoot when I run into problems, ask questions, figure things out and elmer others. So while the rock guys may look at the BCD536HP or a IC-7800 and our eyes glaze over with the amount of buttons and the ease getting lost in menu functions. The computer geeks would be mostly lost on how to change out a crystal or tune up a amplifier.

Not trying to offend anyone, its just how I see the groups. Venting is fine, heck. I do it from time to time. Just stop, sit back, take a couple deep breaths, maybe have a beer or 6 and sleep on the problem.

Just my thoughts,

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