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I've been doing radio since 1978 - I got my first analyser in 2015, and while it's good for telling me where the thing resonates for receive, it still 'suggests' an antenna is good that is, in fact pretty useless. All I have ever done is get to know what permanent sources exist in my area in each band - airfields, coastguards, telemetry, repeaters and even interference sources - These give me a far better result in any new antenna installation I do at home. I can tell if I've got a bit more at UHF, but have lost airband, or improved marine band at the expense of UHF. A coax switch to select between two antennas is also a great way to check a new one. The analyser did tell me that one design of antenna I'd been building for years I had always been cutting too long, and they all were resonant below the frequency I'd made them for - but the VSWR seemed fine, and they worked.

They're very good devices - myChinese one seems very revealing in what it displays - but it's not a vital piece of test gear.
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