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Originally Posted by zz0468 View Post

Nor do I disrespect your belief in God.

Where I draw the line and bristle is the idea that someone else's belief in God will impact laws that I am subject to.

That offends me, every bit as much as enacting Sharia law would offend a Christian. It's absolutely no different.

What if you took the words "in God" out of your sentence above? What would your opinion be then? Despite our different differing belief in God, I'm sure we still have a good deal in common in what we believe to be right and wrong. Same goes with most people I suspect. I believe that most people have an inherent sense of societal morality (some of it instinctive, some is learned)

If I were to say that something is wrong, many might say "cool, I understand and agree with you" If I said I believed that the same "something is wrong" because God says so, some of those same people who would have agreed with my previous statement, all of a sudden their feathers get ruffled. It isn't necessarily the content but the source that ruffles feathers.
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