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Originally Posted by MikeMike View Post
Shoreline of CT area and hearing this frequency strong with in the clear talk of what sounds like fire system testing. Been going on two days now. I've searched the database and online without any real leads.

I have this frequency listed as a CPB DNET (Specifically DNET 169). Hearing call outs for "Buildings 725" "Building 740" and another person wearing what sounded like breathing equipment "entering the 'linac' area with booties on". "Linac" could be a linear accelerator so perhaps this is a VA hospital or something but I'm curious if anyone else has any clues given the typical allocation of this freq.

Thanks in advance!

Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island (Upton, NY). Building 725 is Computational Science Initiative and is near Building 740 which is the area of a particle accelerator facility (RHIC-Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider) fed by a linear accelerator fed by a linear accelerator called the Linac.
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