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Originally Posted by phillmobile View Post
Hello, as we all move slowly over to digital i wanted to ask people mainly with NXDN trunking but also Mototrbo if you are still getting abuse from muppets. Do they transmit blank carriers on the inputs? try programming up radios and try sending audio or other things i have not thought of.
I've got a NexEdge trunking system. It replaced a SmartNet analog system.

On the old analog SmartNet system I wasn't aware of any issues with someone transmitting blank carriers on our frequencies, although I would see periodic interference. I was very well aware of certain dealers cloning my radios and sending them back out en-mass. We worked really hard to make sure the dealers that programmed the radios had the right codeplugs and radio ID's, but they'd just clone off another radio, ID and all.
Sure, the customers got away with not paying for access on the radios, but as soon as one of them got stolen, they'd be complaining to me about interference and why can't I just shut it off, etc.

Switching to the NexEdge system allowed me to control access to the system by individual radio ID's and ESN's. Also, I do not allow any one else to program radios on my system. Doesn't matter who the shop is.

The system will track things like dead keys on the frequencies, etc and log those, but I'm not seeing any complaints from the system about that.

But so far, thanks to the ESN and Radio ID controls, no one has caused any issues on the system. I'm sure someone with the right skills could figure out how to hack in a valid ESN and program in a matching radio ID, but it would be sort of silly since the coverage of the system isn't very big.

Originally Posted by phillmobile View Post
Just random questions as i also hear the aor scanners can now decode the encryption but listening and abusing are different matters.
I've heard this, but I haven't seen any proof. Not saying it can't be done, but there's some big questions about how they do it. Until I see/hear/experience it, I'm holding judgement.

Also, while it may decode the simple NXDN encryption, most of the higher end radios will allow installation of AES256 encryption modules.
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