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Default CC: Recognized Sound

Originally Posted by slicerwizard View Post
How do you know it was a control channel?
I know what a Motorola CC sounds like. When I put the PSR 500 in analyze mode and toggled through the 19 frequencies that were programmed, it "was" the only that emitted that definitive noise I know to be a CC. I believe I previously documented what I believed to be an active CC on the Bell System. I will look later to see if I was correct.

The same exact noise was easily recognized here when I activated the Waco P25 system. In fact, if I were to record this sound and then compare it to what I heard at Morgan's Point while monitoring the Bell System, I would be able to determine, "yes, indeed, these sound alike."

This was the same method I used when I analyzed the Woodway VHF Trunking System nearby. I started with the CC noise and built the system based on information obtained from Pro96. Later, they threw me a curve ball by changing the frequencies. I later learned they bought them in pairs at an marine band auction in Galveston, Texas.

Since I've not experience a successful run with the aforementioned decoding software, I cannot say I've heard the Bell County alternate channels yet.

Here is what is odd. When I heard the CC on the Bell System, no data came out of the software. It showed no AC, no CC, no system information, nothing. When I used the Pro96 on the Waco system, all of the above was spewing forth like the ejaculate from a seventies porn movie.

When I return to Bell County on Monday, I will see what happens when I attempt to analyze the system, once again.
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