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Thumbs up The Band Scope is Amazing!


As requested, here are my first impressions. I'm really having fun with this band scope! It works very well, considering it's being done entirely through software. I can confirm that the bottleneck appears to be the USB connection, because a 1 MHz sweep takes approximately 4 seconds on my I5 processor laptop, the same time as the I7. So, it's not the processor that's setting the speed limit, it's the communications. A 2 MHz sweep takes roughly twice as long at about 8 seconds. I tested VHF (146 MHz), UHF (443 MHz) and HF (6 MHz), all with similar results. The HF took a little longer because I used 5 KHz channel steps instead of 12.5 KHz.

This functionality is amazing, and the interface with Q only makes it that much better. So far, I haven't noted any bugs, as you seem to have thought about pretty much everything. One more thing I need to mention is that I'm running the latest firmware in the AR-DV1 (1710C) which seems to work fine with this version of eSPYonARD. I didn't bother to roll back to the older version of firmware, because the issues some folks were having with the new version didn't really affect the way I use the receiver.

I think that's about all I have for now. I hope to have more time to spend with the software today, and I'll let you know if I discover anything new. Thanks for allowing me to participate in the testing process. It's a lot of fun!

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