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For a great AM setup on a budget I would get a used Motorola Mocat series, about $35 used, then get a Motorola amplified base mic for the Spectra series and wire it to the Mocat. Then get a 100W amp if you need power, about $100 used. Total cost maybe $175 tops.

The old US made Motorola CBs had great receivers, big internal speakers and excellent transmit audio and they get real loud with the Motorola base mic.

Originally Posted by soberbyker View Post
Places I've been looking have the 655 under $300 and the 955 (SSB) over $300. They have great power out of the box from what I've read, no need to add an amp if you don't have the room for one, or want, especially in a mobile.

I'd already have one but I can't justify spending the little cash I have on one.
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