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Default The Jet: A Homemade PVC Pipe Window Mount for a Dipole Antenna

THE JET: A Homemade PVC Pipe Mount for a CB Dipole Antenna

New CBer here. Bucks County PA 19047 outside Philadelphia, PA. Set up a UNIDEN 980SSB as a base station in my home with a RADIOWAVZ DOUBLE BAZOOKA dipole antenna.

The Plan:

1) The RADIOWAVZ DOUBLE BAZOOKA will be attached to my homemade PVC PIPE MOUNT (aka The Jet).

2) My homemade PVC PIPE MOUNT (aka The Jet) will be mounted outdoors, through a 3rd floor window, through a wooden 2 x 6 with a custom-cut hole sized for the lower T section of the Jet.

3) If all components work according to plan, the RADIOWAVZ DOUBLE BAZOOKA dipole antenna will be securely mounted outdoors, through the 3rd floor window (at the highest point in my home), in a vertical orientation.

4) As a bonus, I should be able to rotate The Jet mount (and antenna) from vertical to horizontal from inside the home, at will.

Of course, if I can't make it work, I'll have the satisfaction of having built it myself!

Then I'll order an ANTRON A-99 vertical antenna like I probably should have from the beginning.

THE JET PVC Pipe Mount Photos:

My First CB Base Station:

RADIOWAVZ CB Double Bazooka Dipole Antenna CB 11 M DOUBLE BAZOOKA
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