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Originally Posted by MisterLongwire View Post
I understand you have the knack to fix and do things, however, for me, time is often of the essence, so I would just get a good/decent CB base antenna and be done with it. If you are retired, all the power to you. Anyways, once you get your real base station CB antenna up, enjoy it and then on the side start playing around and possibly get your :antenna farm" going. You might want to keep all your "adventures" on 1 thread though, as I see you have started a few. Just my 2 cents
Thanks for your "comment".

We have a very different perspective about the value of time. I value the time of making things myself, the rewards of which are evident to me, at least.

The Jet is real enough for me.

I'll take your feedback about multiple threads to heart, though you are the only commenter here who has mentioned it.

For the most part, I've found commenters here to be supportive and friendly. "For the most part", that is.

Thanks for your "feedback". I guess.

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