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Horizontal may have worse skip performance than vertical depending on height. The two basic advantages of horizontal is less man made noise pickup and the ability to turn the antenna and null out interference. In some cases horizontal may work better for skip, sometimes not.

If you dedicate the antenna to vertical and get it above surrounding objects it should work fine for local and skip. At 1/2 wavelength above ground and multiples of 1/2 wavelength the radiation pattern of both a vertical and horizontal antenna will hug closer to the ground, which is better for local and skip, since skip at CB frequencies is usually in the 1,000mi plus range and you want a low glancing angle off the ionosphere for that.

Originally Posted by davidrfeeney View Post
Yeah, the Jet will be mounted through the 3rd floor window, outdoors, vertically.

If the setup works, I will be able to turn the antenna from vertical to horizontal orientation from inside, through the window. I've been told that horizontal orientation is better for long distance TX? Anyway, it will be nice to be able to experiment easily.

Thanks for your point of view!

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