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Wow great job!

I have been thinking of trying this sort of thing for a while now. I don't have a RasPi at this time, maybe I should pick one up.

How well does it decode the audio?

Do you think more than one dongle could run on this setup?

My goal is to duplicate the functionality I have with my home setup in a small package. I am running three RTL-SDR dongles, Unitrunker, DSD+ with virtual cables on a Dell Core i5 laptop which allows me to monitor two active talk groups at once, left and right audio channels. I don't think that the RasPi and most other SBCs have the horsepower to run the setup i described above. I am hoping that OP25 is much more efficient in handling radio duties and decoding P25 audio and would be able to run three radios and decode the audio for two channels. I might be asking for too much from current inexpensive SBC platforms.
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