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It decoded actually much better than expected. Overall quality is very good. I just started playing with OP25. It will handle multiple P25 systems but it appears that all of the control channels would need to be within the bandwidth supported by the SDR. They do have a multi_rx script to support more than one device, but currently, it doesn't appear to cover trunking. For the price - It's pretty impressive and a lot of fun to play with. I'm only seeing about 30% CPU usage on average. Less when just sitting on the control channel.


Originally Posted by rivardj View Post
Wow great job!

I have been thinking of trying this sort of thing for a while now. I don't have a RasPi at this time, maybe I should pick one up.

How well does it decode the audio?

Do you think more than one dongle could run on this setup?

My goal is to duplicate the functionality I have with my home setup in a small package. I am running three RTL-SDR dongles, Unitrunker, DSD+ with virtual cables on a Dell Core i5 laptop which allows me to monitor two active talk groups at once, left and right audio channels. I don't think that the RasPi and most other SBCs have the horsepower to run the setup i described above. I am hoping that OP25 is much more efficient in handling radio duties and decoding P25 audio and would be able to run three radios and decode the audio for two channels. I might be asking for too much from current inexpensive SBC platforms.
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