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Below are the links to several sites I used to compile information.

Advancing Ham Radio.. different ideas: Listening to local 700 MHz Simulcast public safety cheaply
This is the article that got me interested.

Update on P25 scanner — new version, and new installation instructions | John's Geekblog
Following this I was able to download the source, compile and get most of a working config for my setup.
(I used a generic I had laying around that I had purchased online for about $5. I used the available adafruit libraries and examples to add the necessary pieces to the OP25 script.

When working with the .TSV config files I suggest using a spreadsheet to build and edit. I lost at least an hour before I figured out the Nano editor was not embedding tabs but rather spaces which caused errors and aborts.

Having at least an intermediate level of understanding with LINUX/Raspbian at the command-line and Python will make things much more enjoyable. :-)


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Very neat !!... Care to explain how you did it ?

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