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Originally Posted by BenScan View Post
Unication David or anyone else who can answer,

Is there a way to copy profiles between different band G4/5s? I have a G5 700/800/VHF, and want to get another 1, or maybe 2, but might like to go with the single band G4 to keep the cost down, or the G5 700/800/UHF for more coverage. Obviously, you cannot program VHF on a UHF model, or single band, or visa versa, but it would be nice if I didn't have to re-enter all of the 700/800 P25 Trunking stuff I've already done for my current version.
Bump... Anyone able to answer this? I have a G5 profile created (just one 800mhz system in it) and I'd like to push this to a G4. Is that possible? I exported the profile, imported it back in as a copy and then was thinking that I would change the hardware type to a G4, but it doesn't look like you can do that.

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