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If the match on your antenna is really good then you probably don't have a problem with RF on the coax. Adding a 1:1 choke balun can reduce potential noise traveling up the coax from computers and stuff inside the house. It can also isolate the antenna from the coax and make the radiation pattern more text book depending on metal objects nearby. You may not even notice any change or improvement by adding one.

The "ugly balun" should be renamed "useless balun" because at best they are not very effective. If you really think you gotta have a choke balun, do yourself a favor and make one using ferrite. A 61 mix ferrite is great for making 1:1 choke baluns for the CB range but a 43 or 52 mix will work fine.

A 2.4" dia ferrite toroid is a good size to wind with RG-58 or RG-8X and 8 turns on an FT-240-61 core or 9 turns on a FT-240-43 or FT-240-52 core will give the peak choking impedance on CB. An FT-240-43 core is about $9 to $10 and the other mixes mabye a dollar more.

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Yeah, thanks! I am researching THE UGLY BALUN right now... I have leftover PVC and coax... And I think I am getting RF...

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