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My experience with my RSP1 is rather dismal performance on AM BCB and especially poor on LW.
Some of this may be my fault as the receiver learning curve is a bit steep. It comes with no owner manual. There is online support but to me, a well written owner manual is preferable to having to ferret out information online. (Would gladly pay $20 or whatever for a nice owner manual). The LW and MW range on this radio seems very vulnerable to any kind of interference.
OTOH, without getting too far off topic, just let me say that performance on higher frequencies is quite good. Regularly use it in the evening to copy W1AW and it seems as good as any of my ham radios. Had some nice tropo openings here on VHF last summer and was receiving strong signals on all NOAA WX freqs with some stations out 200 - 300 mi. Performance was as good as or better than my most sensitive scanner.
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