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Originally Posted by FrankO23 View Post
Thanks. Do any ones in particular come to mind?
For serious LW work you really need a communications receiver with good filtering. You want, for example, to be able to pull a Canadian NDB (with 400 cycle offset) that is co-channel with an American NDB out from between the U.S. 1020 cycle offsets. Some portables have LW capability and can be OK for casual LW work when coupled somehow to a good antenna but most lack the filtering and only tune in 1 kc steps. So, you need a communications receiver with the filtering and PBT is nice to have as well. My first choice in a new tabletop receiver would have been an Icom R-75 but, unfortunately, it has been discontinued. So, settled for an Alinco DX-SR8T transceiver which has general coverage receive capability and have not been disappointed. Very sensitive on LW and good filtering. Some ham transceivers have general coverage receive starting below the AM BCB but their sensitivity is reduced on LW and AM BCB... check the specs. A friend has an Icom R-71A which is a nice RX on LW. If you are interested in SDR, my only experience has been the RSP1 so really can't help much other than to say that the guys with the high-end SDRs get some amazing long haul NDB catches.

Probably would be best to ask your question in a new thread in the receiver forum and see what you get for replies. Be prepared perhaps for some replies extolling exotic, nearly unobtainable but nice stuff. Otherwise, there are a lot of R-75s, R-71As, and such out there that with your Wellbrook in combination with some sort of "longwire" would make a nice set up on LW.
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