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Originally Posted by Token View Post
Arrival angle has a lot to do with how a loop nulls.

On MW stations the arrival angle is often low, this is particularity true for local or semi-local stations where you are receiving via ground wave. And the loop will often null very well. On HF when talking about sky wave signals the loop will not present as sharp or as well defined a null.

I have no close MW stations, there is one 5 kW station 6 or 7 miles away and one lower power one about the same distance in another direction. I can null each of them by 30 dB or more with the Wellbrook.

My Wellbrook, even being up 50' from ground level, behaves the same way. I have very powerful MW transmitters very close. I also have Sutro Tower at 1.5 miles and on that is KFOG FM, which I can hear burbling across certain SW bands despite having an FM notch filter and finer receivers.
One thing I still wonder about speaking of directionality and pardon me if I missed an answer here: does the Wellbrook receive signals strongest at the broadside or the narrow side? I was told in the past that it's the narrow side but sometimes it doesn't behave that way. Sometimes I can get something better pointing the broad side towards it.
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