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I'm old school so I have no insight into SDR, but for longwave NDB DXing I would recommend the Lowe HF-225. Been using the Europa version but either are fine. Nice narrow Murata 2.4 kHz with a 200 herz audio filter in CW mode centered on 800 herz and the tone control makes a difference in pulling out the tone through noise. One of the most sensitive receivers ever made on longwave (many of the most highly acclaimed communication receivers don't have the ears at these frequencies though they're terrific on HF).

[QUOTE=WA8ZTZ;2884370]For serious LW work you really need a communications receiver with good filtering. You want, for example, to be able to pull a Canadian NDB (with 400 cycle offset) that is co-channel with an American NDB out from between the U.S. 1020 cycle offsets. Some portables have LW capability and can be OK for casual LW work when coupled somehow to a good antenna but most lack the filtering and only tune in 1 kc steps.
Probably would be best to ask your question in a new thread in the receiver forum and see what you get for replies. Be prepared perhaps for some replies extolling exotic, nearly unobtainable but nice stuff.
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