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Originally Posted by nd5y View Post
What is legal to use depends on what FCC licenses you hold and what FCC equipment authorization grants the radio has.

If you have no knowledge of the different FCC radio services, licensing requirements and equipment authorization requirements then stick with FRS bubble pack radios or MURS radios made or imported by reputable companies like Cobra, Dakota Alert, Garmin, Midland, Motorola, Ritron, and Uniden;
and avoid the manufacturers on this page:
So true. Any radio being considered should have an FCC ID which can be searched with Google or directly on FCC website. The "Grant" document reveals what FCC services and emissions the radio the radio compiles with. But, be careful, these CCR are sometimes certified incorrectly or with a sub optimal crappy modulation emission. The FCC certification process is being gamed by these importers.

If you don't want to spend the time researching this, stick to the FRS or MURS .

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