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Originally Posted by twotoejoe View Post
I'm a newbie so please give me an example so I won't purchase one.
Any brand name you cannot pronounce.
Any price on a new radio that's too good to be true.
Any radio that gets a great review from someone that only owns one radio.
Any radio that cannot be repaired or aligned.
Any radio where it costs more to send it back to the manufacturer than it did to purchase it.
Any professional dual band portable radio that costs less than $4000.00 new.
Any radio with a built in flashlight.
Any radio sold as commercial/public safety that also receives FM broadcast.
Any commercial/public safety radio that purchased off Amazon.
Any radio that does not have valid FCC type certification.
Any radio that an amateur radio operator owns 6 or more of the same model.
Any new radio you can purchase in bulk off e-Bay or Amazon.
Any radio purchased off Alibaba.
Any radio that looks a lot like a name brand radio, but isn't.
Any commercial/public safety radio recommended by someone who's only credentials are that they passed a 35 question multiple choice amateur radio test.

I'm sure that list will offend some people.