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Hi, first of all thank You very much indeed for partecipating to this discussion.

I report my experience; I contacted several times Avera Distribution during last months and I have to say they are a little confused on their role because they continue to change version at every email.
in an email they wrote: "Answering sales questions from users is not our task." and "We are not a support line for end-users." After I asked for a contact that can support me, the same representative wrote "Uniden contact in Europe for UBCD3600XLT is the company Avera-Distributing".

I found an oppositional and sarcastic tone in several mails and hasty answers, sometimes not applicable to my answers. I can provide the text of emails.

Just to do an example: I asked if is possible to restore the original firmware (v. 1.00.01) on the 3600 after the upgrade to the v. 1.02.00. The answer was: "Yes it s possible" and "...if you ever want to go back ( which we can not imagine) we can provide that old version".

I sent them back other 4 emails asking clearly for the bin file of v.1.00.01 (to make some comparative test) and they began to beat around the bush... I' still waiting for the file after 10 days.

I don't think Uniden central knows about this way of treating customers; they should know!
Best regards,
Tony - iz0kvz
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