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Originally Posted by MikeOxlong View Post
By no means is this an American community. Members from all over are welcome to participate.

Feel free to post your European technical issues here.
Thank You Mike for Your availability.
The problem is not the community, in which I have always found kind and helpful people; the main issue is the absence of an official single point of contact who can help 3600 users.
For example, if I need a firmware version or if I want to report a bug or a "nice to have" I have not a customer care representative that helps me.

I want to be clear: I absolutely do not want to make controversy, but the answers I received from Avera Distributing - when I received them - are unacceptable and show that the company does not care about customers and does not intend to improve the product taking into account the point of user's view. On the other hand, when I wrote to Uniden USA this was their answer:
"We apologize for the inconvenience. Unfortunately we are the american support and donít have any documentation on this particular model. We arenít sure who the appropriate support team for Europe is, but we would recommend contacting Australian support. You can find more information about our various contact regions here:
Thank you for Choosing Uniden!"

In add, the Italian distributor - a very kind person - depends on the European distributor for his answers.
I paid for a scanner 440 Ä (that is about 540 US $) and I have not any type of support... I find this shameful.
Sorry for the long post.
Best regards,
Tony - iz0kvz
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