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Hi Guy's

Well, I took the plunge and bought a Surecom SA-250 Antenna Analyzer.

I'm not a Ham, but I bought it to help best tune up my J-Pole scanner antenna cut for the RailRoad Frequencies.

VSWR is 1.09:1 ( it just shows 1.09, but I know it's supposed to be a Ratio).

This nifty lil critter shows me Zx, Rs and Jx as well.

I also know Zx is the characteristic impedance, Rs is the total resistance. and jX is inductive reactance (either Capacitive or Inductive).

What I would like to know is (without having to study the ARRL Hand book), what am I looking for with these other Characteristics?

Like should Rs be as close to 50 ohm's as possible?

Should Zx be like the close to 50 ohm's as possible?

What about Jx ? where should that parameter fall?

I'm just trying to understand better what I'm reading!

Yes I use a Balun at the Radio connector end to eliminate common what-cha-call-it...(can't remember the term right now).

Any help Much appreciated.
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