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Originally Posted by Mikejo View Post

What I would like to know is (without having to study the ARRL Hand book), what am I looking for with these other Characteristics?

Like should Rs be as close to 50 ohm's as possible?

Should Zx be like the close to 50 ohm's as possible?

What about Jx ? where should that parameter fall?
I have seen those questions asked before, but have yet to read a clear explanation.

Since we know what they are, we just need the next half of the information as to where those values SHOULD be .
Also, and just as important, which values are too far out of range to be acceptable?
What is too high, and what is too low?

Very, very, good questions. If we had answers to these in a concise manner, I think we could bring some discussion to a higher level as far as antenna building and installation is concerned.

Anybody willing to take a shot at it?
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