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I've experienced several very high profile events on systems Ive maintained. I have a couple of observations.

The act of just turning on a radio and switching channels uses control channel resources. When several hundred radios are all doing this at the same time, it will impact quality of service. Units needing to transmit can't because of control channel collisions on the input. Older systems will drop to failsoft simply because too many affiliation requests at once will slow the processors enough to miss the watch dog timer reset.

In P25 systems, dragging talkgroups across to different cells can overload the channel capacity, and the normal traffic of agencies unaffected by the emergency goes on as usual.

In an emergency, talkgroups that normally get little use get selected, with multiple tactical channels, and admin channels, in addition to the really busy primary channels. Other agencies get wind of the event, and dial around trying to find the active channels, especially from adjacent cells.

It can really turn out to be quite a mess.
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