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Originally Posted by zz0468 View Post
It's quite frightening to sit there at the control point watching over things, hearing officers getting shot at, and watching it drop to failsoft when too many radios get turned on and start switching through channels.
I've got a single site system. The system is located on top of one of our lab buildings. They had a fire in a lab, and the fire department shut off power and gas feeds to the building for obvious reasons. That took down the primary power to the site as well as our backup generator. Put the 5 channel system on batteries for 10+ hours. At the time, our fire and PD were on the trunked system. I watched (remotely) as the control channel would fail as it ran down the battery for that repeater. I had to go over to the IC and explain they were going to lose their radios in short order.
The issue we had was that the fire required rerouting vehicle traffic. Our bus fleet had to adapt, but they are really talkative even on a good day. Most of the system resources were going to a few bus drivers.
I finally disabled their talk groups, but it wasn't enough.

The replacement system was designed with a larger centralized battery plant to help reduce this.

These sorts of challenges are good learning experiences. What counts is what happens with what is learned.
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