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I could be way off here, but I dont think I am(please let me know if I am!)

This IMHO is why State should dispatch for State, County for County, and City/Township for City/Township. This nonsence that has been occuring has gotten so political that people are getting sick of it. What occurred in Macomb county has occurred in just about every other county in Michigan.......I understand why Counties dispatch for state and themselves and sometimes everyone in the whole county, but again I think it is a very bad idea, and this is what you get when you have this.

MCSD has a very HIGH reputation of being a fantastic Sheriff's department. I dont see the Deputies going against the Troopers, and that is probably why the troopers did what they did. They had every right to do what they did, they seen a problem and I am almost 100% positive that they tried numerous times in the past to retify the situation.......

my 2cents
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