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I agree that using the cigarette lighter is not a great idea. For everyone saying they power their radios like this and have no issues, I'm sure that's true. But you're creating a situation that can really do some damage to your vehicle. Most cigarette lighter outlets in a car are on a circuit that is also powering other accessory outlets, convenience lights, and other accessories. And while your CB radio probably won't draw more than a few amps, if something were to short or the ground becomes poor and there's a power spike, you risk damaging all the wiring and everything on that circuit.

So yes, 99.9% of the time, you should be fine powering that CB on the cigarette lighter outlet. But if for some reason you draw too many amps, you could destroy the very thin gauge accessory circuit wiring behind the dash. The fuse in the cig plug for the CB may protect the CB itself, but it's not going to prevent damage to anything else on that circuit.

As is often repeated in these forums, the best way (and I would argue, the right way) is to run a dedicated circuit for your radios, right from the battery, using the correct gauge wire for your application. And it won't look ugly.
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