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Originally Posted by tubular031 View Post
I have not had a chance to try DMR yet or even play with it Yes I use the boatbod fork

when I run I use -U and the audio comes out my speakers.

Sounds like -U will not work on Is this something you are going to integrate in the future? That sure makes it easy for us non linux guys.

BTW thanks for the new simple installer script. That was not around last time I setup OP25. I was able to get OP25 to install/run on my ubuntu laptop decoding a trunked p2 system in about 10 minutes!
You are correct that "-U" doesn't work with, and I can't really integrate it because that app works completely differently than and I just haven't spent any time with it. (No regular DMR activity in my area, so no need) Sorry. Maybe you can encourage Max to do something in his mainline.
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