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Originally Posted by Spocky View Post
...Now after a bit of research I had settled on the RH77CA from Diamond as it has good reveiews and seems to increase the reception significantly. A local seller of Diamond antennas said that they don't have the RH77CA but have the RH771 and it is better for local conditions and people never order the RH77CA.

Not sure what to make of that but does anyone have an opinion of the RH771 in looking for Airband and emergency services around Sydney, Australia?...
You should give this Radio Reference thread titled "Diamond RH771 vs RH77CA" a read:

Diamond RH77CA Specs:

Diamond RH771 Specs (5th antenna down in list): RH SERIES/DIAMOND ANTENNA CORPORATION

The length of the RH771 is slightly longer compared to the RH77CA. Per the specs above, the RH771 is 40 cm (15.748 inches) while the RH77CA is 15 inches.

FYI here's an excellent price ($17.95 USD) for the Diamond RH77CA from an authorized Diamond Antenna dealer:
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