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I had all my settings for manual 5 when we did the DMR testing, I switched to auto 5 cuz it wasn't recognizing the nxdn systems, only problem I'm seeing is in the search for function for nxdn 9600. It has a harder time decoding that especially vhf nxdn 9600. In scanning systems it takes a minute for nx9 to show up, where the VHF nxdn4800 sites are instant , as well as the search for options.

Carbon / Emery Digital nxdn 4800 system is new they are switching over to it

Uintah Basin Electronic telecommunications is VHF nxdn9600 this one is not decoding instantly, it has to sit a while, doesn't show info very often in search for option,

Peak wireless systems nxdn9600 uhf decodes ok in scanning, but doesn't always show info in search for option

These are in Utah carbon county price area

I have them all set to Auto 5

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