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Well, it is early days - only had it up for a few days. However it is performing well enough that I switched the feed from a 4:1 balun / choke combo to a 9:1 balun for my 50ohm feedline which incorporates a galvanically isolated transformer - this is supposed to help maintain the somewhat low-down directional pattern. Higher angles you basically have an omnidirectional inverted bowl. The antenna analyzer sees the improvement with the 9:1 / 50z feed, but it will take some time to see if I really needed to go that far.

Because of my limited space, I'm only familiar with small verticals at home. But certainly this is nothing like the Force-12 Yagi up at 70 feet or the full size verticals there.

It may be unfair to compare things so early, but overall it seems similar to going from a full size vertical to a *good* quality mobile / portable vertical installation. There is supposed to be a very low-angle on the low bands too, but suburban noise is kind of hurting me and I haven't been listening that long.

Being totally on ground - and staked down for safety - means that the backyard is still usable / stealth / mowable / safe. One thing that ground mounting did was take me out of the nearby induction zone of a bunch of trash that was making 160 unusable - now I can hear things.

The 15-foot square size is ok for me since I like the wide coverage of 160-20m without having 20m directivity go squirrely. However, for 7mhz / tropical bands / utilities etc lower in frequency, if you had the room to double the size to 30 feet per side, I'd say go for it to improve the lower bands even more.

So really no stats to speak of, and the band conditions make it tough to have an epiphany - other than yes, this is a VERY handy rx-only antenna for those with limited space. Heck, one could even make it even *smaller*, but that will start to put the hurt on 160m.

I gotta hand it to KK5JY for putting this info out there. I never had the room for directional beverages and never even thought of an on-ground loop.
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