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Try to analyze FRCC Site 5-022 North Metro Simulcast using the built in function of the scanner.
  1. Menu
  2. Analyze
  3. System Status
  4. Input System Name (this can be left blank)
  5. Select System - Front Range Communications Consortium (FRCC)
  6. Select Site - North Metro Simulcast

It should display system information and a S(ignal), Q(uality), A(ctivity) graph. Ideally you want to the Q to be as high as possible. If you have an high S, but the Q is super low (below the halfway point), then you might be encountering an issue known as simulcast distortion. Unfortunately this means that you will need to play around with the scanner a lot (eg. moving it, settings, antenna, etc) to try to get it to perform better. The linked page covers a lot of things people have tried to make it better.

If your Q is pretty good, then you might not have the scanner programmed correctly. You will want to use the North Metro Simulcast site to monitor everything in the North Metro area.
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