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I'm not aware of any mobile or handheld radio with digital voice capability that will act as a repeater in digital voice mode. That would require two vocoders (the hardware and software that converts between analog and digital voice) and most radio manufacturers are too cheap to include two vocoders in their dual band radios.

When any Kenwood or Yaesu APRS radio is beaconing APRS position reports, any other Kenwood or Yaesu APRS radio will display those received position reports and provide some level of information regarding distance and heading from the receiver's location to the transmitter's location.

There are unsubstantiated rumors that Kenwood may be developing a new mobile radio to replace the TM-D710 that includes features of the TH-D74. Maybe Kenwood will show something at the Dayton Hamvention next week.

Why do you think you need digital voice? What capability do you think a digital voice mode will provide that analog voice won't?

You've heard the old adage "beauty is only skin deep". Yes, the display on the TH-D74 is nice to look at. But, what matters is the features, functionality, and performance behind that display. Yes, the TM-D710 is getting long in tooth. But, it's still a very full-featured APRS and analog voice radio.

You didn't clearly state what you need this turnkey solution to do. The first rule is to figure out what your communications needs and wants (they are two different things) are. Then find hardware that meets your needs.
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