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The only reason I invested in the Yaesu was because of its dual mode, i didnt like any of the available DMR options outside of Hytera and with giggle parts the exclusive dealer that was not something i was going to buy into , so i got the Yaesu , i am in the middle of the "digital desert" 90 minutes in any direction from me has at least one machine thats digital , locally we have a club that owns a version one fusion that is locked in analog only mode , the same club has a dstar machine growing cobwebs in the crate because they haven't found a place to put it up , i am pretty sure they got it free but never complied with the rebate terms and therefore paid full price, there's a hand full of us who all have our hotspots on the same frequency, so if we are close enough to use it and have the gear we can. I wasn't thrilled with the Yaesu when i bought it ,but it grew on me and now its part of my usual load out, I still have a nearly new VX 5R that I bought with my 8900 when it was new.i wear my yaesu in a shoulder holster with my 74A ,and I have a 710 mounted on my armrest ,waiting to be replaced by that tri band dstar mobile that hasn't happened yet! But i remain hopefull .i think the best thing about all the modern radios is those SD cards ,being able to reflash the radio on the go for a different area is joy.although honestly I have every machine from Manhattan N.Y to Pittsburgh PA in the 710 and it doesnt even use half of the available memories.
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Gosh deal with what you have. Be happy. But I do find the Yaesu much easier to operate as that is what I use most. I find the Kenwood confusing. I just want it to beacon my position and the 400 can do that.
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