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Originally Posted by robertmac View Post
Don't call CQ, that's more for HF.
Actually, CQ is not limited to HF.

When working through a repeater, the coverage area is generally a given. Propagation doesn't change that much and the repeater was, most likely, designed to cover a certain area that is considerably less than the maximum theoretical propagation area. So, calling CQ on a repeater is generally frowned on. You can, however, key up and say "K9ABC listening" to let other people listening to the repeater know that you are there.

When working HF, VHF, UHF, etc., using a weak signal mode, such as CW or SSB, you sometimes don't know what the propagation might be or who might be listening. Therefore, calling CQ on those modes is generally more accepted.

Originally Posted by robertmac View Post
Don't barge into a conversation without having something constructive to say.
Those of us who have been around for a while have all heard the situation where someone keys up in the middle of a conversation on a local repeater and only says "W1XYZ listening". The individual has nothing to add to the conversation and just wants his ego stroked by having others acknowledge his existence.

Originally Posted by robertmac View Post
And don't expect miracles from a hand held.
The Ed Fong or N9TAX or MFJ roll-up J-pole or slim-jim antennas are highly recommended. They provide a little more gain compared to a rubber duck, but, more importantly, they force you to put your antenna in a fixed location so that you aren't in and out of the repeater as you move your handheld radio around.
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