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Smile Encryption not Everywhere

Originally Posted by motorman105 View Post
With so many towns here in southwest Fairfield County Connecticut going encrypted, Iím going to have a hard time justifying the cost of the SDS100. Iím thinking around $500.00?
motorman - NOT every town, city, county or State encrypts. they may NOT even go digital. I live in one of the Largest Metro areas the SF Bay Area, and we have EBRCS - a multi county Agency that uses Primary a Digital Trunking system , and the TAC channels are Encrypted but for the most part the Digital Voice channels are NOT Encrypted. the Individual Agency still maintain a Backup communications that is Analog and or Conventional Trunking or P25. some of them even use 43 Mhs HF like our CHP. We have another Multi Agency to the south of me that uses Digital Trunking and they mostly don't Encrypt. then we have smaller town and Cities and they still operate Analog VHF/UHF, Analog Trunking, P25. however where the BIG change is going to happen is with General Radios used for Industry and JOBS, they are migrating to P25, and various modes of Digital like DMR and NXDN, ALL of those radios are Capable of Encryption. even DMR radios used by HAMs have Encryption but its illegal for a HAM to use Encryption. the take away here NOT Everyone encrypts. and you simply have to Update your database Weekly.