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Thank you Spitfire, I have tried to lock on to the North Metro Simulcast site. The S goes up and down, Q and A are sparse. I purchased copper tape for the battery compartment (I saw in other discussions this helped), and two different portable antennas (though not a yagi) to try to improve signal from inside my house, to no avail. I looked at where the FRCC sites are in Adams, and I'm smack in the middle of them all. I've tried playing with squelch levels, I've tried going into my backyard. I've adjusted digital threshold to manual 9. Reception is sparse and uber frustrating considering the cost of the 436.

Any other guaranteed suggestions by local users for getting reception at my home? FRCC and DTRS are probably the two most important systems for me based on my location. Denver city/county actually comes in pretty well. I also can't seem to get any reception for DEN, their P25 public safety network, even when I was driving near there.

I'm considering returning the 436 altogether. How do so many local scanner sites get posted online if this problem affects everyone?

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