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Set the squelch level to 2. Digital threshold to 7. This seems to be the best settings in my dealings with the 2 Weld simulcast sites up here in Greeley. And the 436 does drop transmissions though not as frequently.

The Denver P25 MARC site on Mt Morrison is actually the current Public Works system it does simulcast some public safety Talk Groups when someone on the system is monitoring them. Typically Parking enforcement radios are affiliated to them. You need all 15 frequencies of the site as the system likes to rotate the control channel through them.

The copper tape over the battery door is only useful in the 400 MHz ranges.

Unfortunately the 436 suffers from LSM distortion and with the number of simulcast sites for site 22 the scanner is not going to cope very well with it.

Currently the Unication series G4 or G5 pagers work remarkably well with the simulcast sites in the area. I have no problems receiving site 22 up here with one
sitting on my desk while none of various digital scanners at my disposal can lock on
to it.

The hope is the forthcoming Uniden SDS-100 will be the best option for scanning
simulcast systems.
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