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It's a keeper!

I gotta' give thanks to KK5JY for doing all the real analysis, especially the EZnec plots. Without that, I would have had a hard time recognizing what the pattern was.

I'm hearing both low and high-angle (short skip and long haul dx) with it. Unlike a highly directional beverage, the ability to hear both short-skip and dx at the same time can be an issue.

Still, it all depends on the propagation. 20m at noon? Might as well hang it up. Wait a few hours.

At the end of the day it is proof to me that receiver gain is totally sufficient with just the receivers on board amp with NO preamp needed.

Years ago, W1FB (sk) had an article about on-ground non-beverage antennas, including a badly drawn pictorial, and I had written these antennas off. Mostly because I didn't know what directional pattern to expect, and the 20-30db drop in overall level was something I wasn't used to. I had no real idea of what s/n ratio was, other than that bending the s-meter was supposed to be the ideal target. Remember that this was long before one could easily do EZnec like computations for the most part.

So happy that I tried an on-the-ground DIPOLE (only 35 feet total, 17.5 feet each side), and as KK5JY suggested, it had the same overall response as the loop! (pulled the loop out for this test). But, because that dipole ran across major family traffic areas and into the garage, it was only temporary for a night. I have total lawn-space for the loop, so it stays.

UPDATE: never have I heard Lou, EA3JE so loud and clear on 20m. He's doing all the work beaming over the pole straight down the Alaska/West coast corridor. The S-meter isn't moving at all, I hear no short-skip from all the other callers, BUT without moving my S-meter at all, it is like he's in my living room. With my ground-mounted vertical, I'd be struggling with ears bleeding. Wow.

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