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After getting to see a better-crafted article from the LA Times San Diego Bureau (U-T) , a clearer picture of what they want to do doesn't seem as whacky as what the first article suggested a total merger.

I doubt with such a hefty price tag ($22-28M) that agencies not needing a new facility will not find that they use reserves for a new center that really will really benefit wildland agencies most. The rest of it can be accomplished with regular meeting and closely integrated CAD.

There absolutely will be a benefit for that big fire every couple years, and each center could benefit, but what about individual users.

I just don't see Encinatas, Carlsbad, El Cajon, La Mesa, and other cities not in Wildland zones forking over the money, without a direct benefit.

Another problem you will have is moving a center a good distance is going to cause some very hard to select and train dispatchers to resign because of a new commute. It happens. These guys and gals are gold and will get picked up in a heartbeat at their local PD.

Maybe a couple will co-locate, but not them all. Why would you if your center is adequate. Mobile Communications trailers forward-staged at a predetermined location will do just fine.

If I am not buying into the idea, a local yocal on a local city council will have stroke.

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