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Originally Posted by GMB951 View Post
I live next to Fort Bragg and have a scanner set up to just scan lowband,i have several more if interested 41.00 drops zones/46.75 Bragg Range Control back-up
I do appreciate the info, and feel you will regret ever having replied to me Never knew the 41.00 so that shall be punched in here shortly. (is that mainly helos or everyone?)

to keep from being to overly eagerbeaver here I'll start with two queries about your methods: as I imagine since you have a dedicated low-band set up you have come to decide on what you feel is optimum.

-when searching for new freqs, what step size have you found to be the most successful, (5khz, 25khz 50khz other?)
-how wide is your search range ie: most folks search just 30-50 (prob cause most scanners don't allow much higher) but i have confirmed quite a few 60's, twice gotten "search and store" hits with PL 151.4 in the low 70's, and recently got a hit on 51.5 which was luck as i have always avoided 50-54mhz for the standard reasons.

seriously, thanks again. i knew there had to be someone out there that was doing this but i have never noticed anyone pipe up about it. while i am bout 70mi west of bragg i am in the "FOB Stanly" region, so much of what i learn about things at bragg helps me learn what strategies to employ when things migrate over here periodically.
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