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Originally Posted by PaulNDaOC View Post
Expansion and renovation will be much more cost-effective than this. Public safety dollars are tight and local agencies all over have getting hosed by the P,25/Motorola Mafia and the ridiculous end of life dates attached to systems, including RCS, which will run $86M to replace not including radio or console replacement costs.
Northcom is bursting in the former Rancho Santa Fe Fire HQ facility at their station 1. No where to expand to without kicking out the fire station.

Heartland is bursting in the basement under El Cajon Station 1. No where to expand to.

San Diego has outgrown their 1991 facility built to replace the basement of Fire Station 1. No where to expand to.

Monte Vista is in 3 buildings (one a set of modular space). There is land for a new facility.

Originally Posted by PaulNDaOC View Post
Add ballooning pension costs and the need for more ALS staffing, and I don't see a compelling need for this.

Lastly large parcels are harder to come across to build on and command very high prices unless your willing to build it in Alpine.

Using their cost estimation the cost give-or-take to Oceanside $1.5M, Escondido $1.3M, El Cajon $900,000, Chula Vista $2.2M. I think the days of the big DHS grants are over with. It's a big ticket item. And you still have to pay for day-to-day operations.
As I noted, there is space at Monte Vista. The City also has parcels available. The County does, also (although the Board has been disposing of some for affordable housing).

Modification of any existing facility will be expensive, due to the state's Essential Services Facilities Act. Consolidating into one joint-use facility creates cost savings (construction and operational costs of one or two vs. four facilities).

In any case, let's wait and see what the result of the discussions are.
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